New CAN-O-MAT.I twin-roll beader

The twin-roll beader of the CAN-O-MAT.II is now also available in the CAN-O-MAT.I.

Down gauging is always the target for can makers to reduce their costs. The limit of down gauging is given by the minimum of axial load and panelling which is mostly influenced by beading. This is why the down gauging process is done in smaller diameters of up to 73mm down to material thickness of 0.10mm.

The new twin-roll beader has two beading rolls, one inner and one outer roll, per head. The cans are lifted up and the two rolls are clamped to avoid deviation by the lifted up base plate. A feature of the new twin-roll beader is that the number of can revolutions for the beading process is flexible because the rolls are driven by a separate motor. The number of revolutions can be set on the panel between 4 and 8 revolutions.

This makes the door wide open for accurate beading of very thin and hard materials or of forming large and deep beads for special cans or protection beads.

The beading tools, only rolls, are easy to handle for setting or change over. For the can lift and can feeding in the beader no height change parts are required.

The new twin-roll beader is available as a stand-alone machine as well as in any combination of a multi station CAN-O-MAT.I

The following machines are available:

CAN-O-MAT.I dia. range 73 – 99 mm (300 – 401), height range 75mm to 140mm (301 – 508), 12 spindles and a capacity up to 700cpm.

CAN-O-MAT.I dia. range 73 – 99mm (300 – 401), height range 95mm to 180mm (314 – 700), 12 spindles and a capacity up to 700cpm.

This machine offers the possibility to produce down gauged cans of dia. 73 mm to 99mm.

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