Ardagh Group to focus on innovation at Drinktec

The Ardagh Group has announced that it will be showcasing a display of the latest innovations in glass and metal packaging at Drinktec 2017.

Reveal Impact is the company’s new product in aluminium cans. Using a two-stage thermochromic solution, customers are given the option to reveal hidden messages or promotional slogans on the beverage can. The Matte & Mirror Impact innovation, available from 2018, allows matte and shiny contrasts on aluminium cans commercially. The award-winning ‘Nitro Can’, launched to capitalise on the sense-enhancing nitro coffee trend gaining momentum throughout Europe, will also be on the stand for visitors to experience.

Visitors can try the ‘pull and tap’ solution, which is available for Ardagh Group’s 3.1 and 5 litre metal party kegs. This new tapping system delivers an easy and professional way of serving a freshly poured beer.

Glass innovations include novel, new and customer-interactive powder finishes. And in-house designers will give visitors a hands-on demonstration of the brand-enhancing Sculptured Embossing glass design technique.

Loretta Dignam, group marketing and communications director commented: “Drinktec is the ideal platform this year for Ardagh Group to demonstrate our exciting and innovative new glass and metal packaging products. Innovation is a priority throughout Ardagh Group and will continue to be intrinsic to the Group’s success strategy.”

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