Ball debuts new can sizes at Drinktec

Ball Corporation has revealed that it is displaying three new can sizes at this year’s Drinktec exhibition.

In response to international market trends, the new can sizes include a 25-centilitre Sleek can, a 45-centilitre super Sleek can, and a 90-centilitre King can.

Designed primarily for Russian brewery customers, both the 90-centilitre King and 45-centilitre super Sleek cans have already been launched in Russia.

Irina Dolyanovskaya, sales manager at Ball, commented: “The new 90-centilitre and 45-centilitre cans allow our customers to maintain their products at an affordable, standard price on shelf.

“These can sizes are seen as more premium and are becoming the new industry standard for the Russian beer market, gradually replacing standard 50-centilitre cans.

“Although created primarily for the Russian market, we have seen demands for similar can sizes in other countries. We are hoping to gain even further interest from new customers during Drinktec.”

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