Canned food favoured amongst students

A recent survey carried out by Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association has revealed that 92% of students use canned food, but many fail to grasp its nutritional and recycling attributes.

The research which was conducted amongst 2,000 participants reveals that the average student has nine food cans in their kitchen cupboard at any given time, showing just how central cans are to cooking in student halls and houses across the country.

The top three canned foods for students are: baked beans, 38%; tinned tomatoes, 33%; soup, 24%; followed by canned fish such as tuna or salmon, 20%.

However, more than nine out of ten students are unaware that canned fruit and vegetables can contribute to their recommended five-a-day nutritional requirements. And 84% falsely believe that canned food relies on preservatives for its long shelf life. Furthermore, two thirds, 66 %, don’t appreciate that food in cans has a long shelf life because the food is cooked and sealed in the can.

The study also reveals that just 41% of students know that cans are 100% recyclable; and while 39% believe correctly that cans are among the most recycled of all packaging materials, just 15% appreciate that they can be recycled with no loss of quality.

A spokesman from the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association, said: “It’s great that canned food features so prominently in student kitchens and I’m sure that students, and indeed their mums, will be thrilled to now know that canned food contributes to their nutritional needs and ticks the sustainability boxes too.”

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