Canvironment Week gains more support

Atit Bhatia

Four new can making companies have joined Canvironment Week 2011 – a campaign that promotes the sustainability credentials of metal packaging.

Nampak and Collect-a-Can from South Africa, ASA from Italy and Emballator from Sweden have all joined the campaign.

Canvironment Week is a global campaign aimed at spreading awareness about the eco benefits of cans. It is organised by India’s leading metal can manufacturer Hindustan Tin Works (HTW). This year’s event, which is being held in India from 10-17 November, will embrace promotional activities around the world.

Erik Smuts, managing director of Nampak Bevcan, said: “As the first African partners to support Canvironment Week, Nampak Bevcan, Nampak Divfood and Collect-a-Can are excited to pioneer this initiative in South Africa. By lending our support to Canvironment Week we are giving a global initiative a local platform and shining the spotlight on cans in order to educate South Africans on how recyclable cans are. This newly formed partnership with Canvironment Week will enable us to share best practice ideas with the rest of the world, which will help us preserve the environments we operate in.”

Canvironment Week members will take part in various activities all over the world. These include the following:

  • Italian can maker ASA is planning painting competitions for school children in Italy.
  • Empac, which represents the European metal packaging industry, plans to donate t-shirts promoting Canvironment Week to the under privileged in Belgium.
  • Huber is providing intellectual support to the campaign in Europe.
  • Nampak Bevcan and Collect a Can, South Africa in November will be running an art completion with tertiary students of various art faculties across Gauteng where students will have to design a novelty can to mark the annual commemoration of Canvironment Week. It is hoped this will help increase awareness among South Africans on how recyclable cans are.
  • ABEACO – The Brazilian Assotiation of Steel Can Makers with the support of Brasilata will inaugurate a metal can recycling centre during the week.

Atit Bhatia, Canvironment Week president and senior vice president of HTW, said: “We feel proud that the campaign is increasing its momentum in the international can making fraternity to garner a larger share of voice to promote sustainability of cans. It is a global attempt to spread the message about the exclusive benefits of the usage of cans.  Every industry stakeholder should celebrate Canvironment week and promote metal cans as a package.”

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