Innovative aerosols recognised by Aerobal

Aerosols featuring innovative printing and embossing were recognised at this year’s World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award competition.

The competition was organised by the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (Aerobal) and featured a panel of judges that consisted of nine international trade journals for packaging and cosmetics.

Ball Aerocan took the honours in the category entitled ‘Can already on the market’, for its G Bellini 200ml can, which is produced for the German company Dalli Win.

Judges were impressed with the can design which excels in its successful combination of a deep-embossed can with printing which exactly matches with the embossed contours providing a unique visual experience.

The final result of Ball Aerocan’s development is an elegant 53mm diameter monobloc aerosol can. Its tailor-made design guarantees an original appearance on the shelves. The can, which is extensively embossed on both sides, offers a better grip of the product and a pleasant tactile experience. It is an impressive technological innovation in the aluminium aerosol can market and a novelty in the private label business.

The company Nussbaum won the award in the ‘Prototype’ category with its Brilliant 50 x 156 can. For the first time the application of the high-gloss printing foil is fully integrated in the manufacturing process of cylindrical aluminium aerosols.

During the pre-printing process the high-gloss foil is positioned and consists of several different layers. The carrier material gives the stability needed for the production and processing of the foil. The release layer connects all subsequently mentioned layers with the carrier material.

When heating during printing, the release layer is separated from the carrier. Next is the transparent varnish layer followed by the aluminium layer, which gives the stamping foil print its characteristic metallic mirror effect.

Finally, the adhesive layer is activated by heat during the print process. It ensures that the different layers are fixed to the can. The entire decoration is covered by a special glossy overvarnish, which provides protection during the necking process, transport and handling.

Thanks to the possibility of combining different printing techniques new can designs are achievable, especially for premium product lines. The high-gloss colours are ideal for emphasising the brand logo or product name.

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