German Packaging Prize for PVC-free closure

A PVC-free closure developed by Actega Coatings and Sealants has been recognised by the German Packaging Institute.

The PVC-free Pano Blue Seal vacuum closure powered by Provalin was awarded the German Packaging Prize in the design, equipment and finishing category at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg last month.

Organised by the German Packaging Institute (DVI), the annual competition highlights innovative packaging solutions in various categories.

The German Packaging Prize jury decided to award a prize to PVC-free metal screw caps with TPE seals. They are rotary vacuum closures manufactured by Pano Verschluss and used by Reichold Feinkost. The PVC-free Provalin sealing compound developed by Actega represents the core of this closure. This is the first time a PVC-free closure has been successfully established in this market segment. Apart from the many advantages during lid production, Provalin also offers consumers maximum safety as regards migration (of undesirable substances from the closure into food) and complies with all of the stringent statutory regulations currently applicable for contact with food.

The jury explained its decision as an acknowledgement of consistent further development of a prototype for market maturity.

While up until now tinplate caps have contained sealing rings made of PVC whose plasticizers are capable of migrating into food in the case of products containing fat and oil in particular, Pano Blue Seal powered by Provalin is the world’s first vacuum closure entirely dispensing with PVC and plasticizers with the result that it can be used for all heat-treated jar contents (pasteurization and sterilization) and for cold filling.

Producers of delicacies, the health food sector and leading manufacturers of meat and sausage products have already adopted these closures for their glass jars or are in the process of doing so. And even the major suppliers of yoghurt products are considering changing their packaging to glass jars.

The Actega group belongs to Altana. The Actega Coatings and Sealants product division develops and produces coatings and sealants for the packaging and graphic arts industries.

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