Innosen Europe relocates to Barcelona, Spain

Developer of innovative sensors and quality assurance systems for the 3-piece metal packaging industry Innosen Europe has relocated to a new office as of 28 November.

The new Innosen Europe office is located at Romà Piera i Arcal, 8, 08330 Premià de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.

Lars Skade, Europe’s general manager, said: “Due to our remarkable growth, the move to a new office was made possible.

“Our doors are now open in more spacious and comfortable surroundings, allowing our customers to meet face-to-face with us and to view our product offerings.”

Luc Nelen, Innosen Inc. president and managing director, who is currently in the Asia-Pacific office, also extended his gratitude on this move.

“The last five years have been exciting for Innosen, and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history,” he said.

In addition to the new Europe office, Innosen also operates in the Philippines and Hong Kong, China.

Innosen recently attended Asia CanTech 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.

At the conference, Luc Nelen’s presentation was called  a “Step-by-Step Process Improvement”. It highlighted the importance of reliable quality assurance system to ensure that the credibility of cans is up to scratch.

One of the new innovations is the End Enamel Adapter or the IS9020TMR for ends, caps, and flat sheets. It is built with Titanium probes to avoid corrosion, magnetic top plates for quick testing, and built-in calibration verification resistors to ensure correct functionality of the equipment at all times, Innosen says.

End adapter racks or IS9031 Top Plate Rack for the End Enamel Rater are also now available to promote clutter-free and organised QA lab. It can store up to five plates, comes with easy-labelling feature, and provides drainage for excessive electrolytes.

The IS9029 Light Probe for enamel rating tests is also made possible to clearly see gas bubbles or exposed metal in lacquered cans and tubes.

The latest innovation that Innosen will launch soon is the IS315 UV Logger. According to the company, it can detect the individual intensity of the UVA, UVB, and UVC of the lamp, for a consistent and repeatable UV curing process.

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