Sacmi metal cap solutions to feature at Cannex & Fillex Asia Pacific

Cannex & Fillex Asia Pacific is back for the fourth time at Guangzhou, China, from 15 to 18 May 2018. Sacmi has revealed that it will be showcasing its range of machines and complete plants for the manufacture of metal caps.

The flagship of the Sacmi range is the PTC 600 machine for the crown cap sector. Launched in 2016, the PTC 600 is said to boost productivity by over 30% with respect to the previous solution. Thanks to the metal sheet feed system, which is independent from the press, noise and vibration have been reduced to 3.5 dB, while integration of the inspection system is said to ensure alignment of the decoration with a margin of error below 0.04 mm.

Sacmi will also be displaying downstream machines for liner application and cap embossing. Designed to operate directly on the line together with the press, Sacmi’s PMC 600 lining machine has been configured to keep pace with the high PTC output rates; it also features further developments that improve cap handling inside the machine, making the process more linear and efficient. The CCD cap embossing machine is designed to work with both decorated and plain caps.

Sacmi’s PMH lets users mould a PVC-free liner directly from pellets. According to Sacmi, the PMH optimises energy and raw material consumption, providing significant innovation on both the process (liner moulding directly inside the cap) and product sides.

With regard to modern twist-off caps, Sacmi says that it has focused on perfecting a high performance solution characterised by PVC-free liners. Called PMA, it allows for the development of liners with a defined annular profile by moulding PVC-free doses directly from the pellet inside the cap; this is said to ensure an early response to what is a growing trend within the food industry. Lastly, Sacmi’s PMV and RCM machines (the former applies the liner, the latter moulds and applies the plastic ring with the tab directly on the shell) is ideal for handling the modern, practical Maxi-P standard which is increasingly popular in the CSD, beer sectors, etc.

The Sacmi stand will also be exhibiting the new ULISSE, the name given to the all-in-one MVS 200A. This differs from previous systems in that the electrical control panel and all relative wiring have now been eliminated. With ULISSE, the calculating unit is inserted directly in the lighting/image acquisition unit, a re-engineering of the machine that enhances both compactness and user-friendliness.

According to the brand, this easy-to-install Sacmi-designed solution is flanked by a second solution, the MVS 210 A. The latter is designed to inspect beverage and aerosol lids with diameters of up to 70 mm.

Another new machine on show at the fair is the DECOCAP 360-3D, the new inspection system for twist-off lid exteriors that employs five video cameras: one camera inspects the decoration from above and the other four examine the side walls. In this case too, the Sacmi illumination unit and software (CVS 3000, incorporated throughout the range) allow 2D reconstruction of the captured 3D image, eliminating any potential distortion that might stem from perspective, the shape of the lid or the reflectiveness of the surface.

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