German metal supplier reveals Packaging Steel App 2.0

Industrial engineering and steel production specialist thyssenkrupp has announced the 2.0 update of its Packaging Steel App.

The app now has new interactive functions which are said to bring added value to users. The “Multi-Calculator” enables numerous conversions for coil and sheet material. The route navigation to the Andernach location is also new. Complicated searching and entering of the company address with a GPS device is no longer required. Relevant certificates regarding tinplate can also now be found directly on the dashboard and can be accessed more quickly.

Christian Pürschel, head of communications and market development at thyssenkrupp, said: “With these three new features, we have reacted to the users’ wishes. The Packaging Steel App now offers more valuable information around packaging steel, enables more interaction and quicker access to our certificates.”

The “Multi-Calculator” interactively calculates, for example, the weight of 100 sheets or the tonnage of 100 square metres of coil material based on the dimensions and the thickness of the packaging steel entered by the user. With the possibility of performing calculations on the smartphone in a quick and uncomplicated manner, manufacturers of steel cans and tops get a practical added value for their everyday work, the company says.

The Packaging Steel App has been available on the app stores for a year and gives the users an overview of all available packaging steel types by thyssenkrupp, and its respective specifications.

The app also focuses on current innovations from the world’s largest production site for packaging steel – e.g. “rasselstein Solidflex”. The user can obtain information on potentials for all applications of the stable material and get an overview of the available coating possibilities. If required, push notifications keep the users updated with news about rasselstein packaging steel.

The 2.0 update of the Packaging Steel App can be downloaded for Android and iOS on the app stores. BlackBerry users can find the app for their device on Amazon Play.

The app is free and is available in English and German.

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