Carnival cans from Ball

Füchschen Alt beer will be sold in cans during Düsseldorf’s 2012 carnival season.

Beverage can maker Ball Packaging Europe and the German brewery Füchschen announced that the 33 cl sleek black cans with the Füchschen Alt logo will be available in the city in time for this year’s carnival season.

Beverage cans are seen as an ideal packaging choice for street celebrations during carnival because they are unbreakable and avoid the hazards of broken glass. In past years, the streets of Düsseldorf’s central Altstadt district were carpeted with broken bottles, resulting in many injuries. In 2011, the city banned bottled drinks out on the street during carnival.

“A street carnival that is free of broken glass is a safe carnival, and that is something very important to me. That’s why I decided to produce the cans,” says Peter König, the head of Füchschen. “They also have other benefits: They are lightweight and can be quickly chilled, and they look fantastic.”

Cans are the ideal container for the popular Füchschen Alt beer. Not only are they unbreakable, no light penetrates cans, they are airtight and keep beer fresh longer than any other type of packaging.

“Beverage cans are well suited for large events, from open air festivals to street fairs, concerts and of course the carnival,” explains Gerlof Toenhake, director of marketing at Ball Packaging Europe. “Cans are easy to carry, avoid the problem of broken glass, and beverages contained in them are quickly chilled and stay fresh for a long time.”

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