Rexam’s Fusion bottle wins innovation award

A new natural energy drink packaged in Rexam’s aluminium Fusion bottle won a top award at the LSA Innovation Awards 2011 in France.

The event, which was held in Paris, rewards industry professionals for innovative products and concepts.

The new Chamane natural energy drink won the top prize in the ‘alcohol free beverages’ category.  Rexam worked closely with Deveurop SAS to develop the Fusion bottle for their new Chamane natural energy drink and help it stand out from its competitors in the energy drinks market.

Composed from 100% natural ingredients, Chamane is targeted at working adults who want a natural alternative to traditional energy drinks.  Deveurop SAS chose to package Chamane in Rexam’s 250ml Fusion bottle, with a resealable closure, to represent and enhance the health benefits and qualities of the drink.

Rexam’s Fusion bottle is a breakthrough innovation in the market and uses drawn wall and ironed technology to create a lightweight and sophisticated aluminium bottle that keeps the drink inside fresh and chills faster than other packaging.

The bottle is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality, embodying Chamane’s vision of natural energy and its commitment to a healthier planet.

Stéphane Lacourt, CEO and founder of Deveurop SAS, said: “The Fusion bottle perfectly complements the Chamane drink and the LSA Innovation Awards judges saw it as a key component of our winning product. Rexam’s unique graphic design and printing techniques allowed to us to have fun with the packaging and really put Chamane in a different league from other energy drinks.”

Matthijs Jansen, sales director Benelux and France at Rexam Beverage Can, added: “Companies need to ensure they have unique and eye-catching packaging in order to stand out in the ever-expanding energy drinks market.  It has been great working with Deveurop SAS to help them bring this award winning drink to market.  We are especially pleased to win such a prestigious innovation award, proving once again that Fusion is a superior packaging format.”

Chamane is currently available in red-berry with pomegranate flavour, with a new coffee flavour launching in 2012.

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