Kahlúa elevates espresso martini with Ardagh nitro cans

Kahlúa are using Ardagh’s nitro cans for its new espresso martini ‘to go’ drink. The alcohol brand uses a 250ml slim nitro can to provide consumers a velvety smooth espresso martini infused with nitrogen.

“It features a fixed widget charged with nitrogen, which delivers a distinct sound upon activation and generates a stunning cascading effect that ultimately tops off the beverage with a crema,” says Adriana Escobar, product manager at Ardagh Metal Beverage.

The RTD (ready-to-drink) alcoholic beverage category is experiencing consistent growth, mainly driven by premiumisation and convenience. The use of cans is also gaining popularity as it is universally recognised for its protective qualities, versatility and environmental credentials.

“Espresso martini is a classic drink, known and enjoyed worldwide for decades. Consumers will not need an espresso machine nor a shaker for this one, making this nitro drink and its unrivalled features accessible to a wider market by using a ‘to go’ format. Now you can enjoy all that pleasure wherever you are, thanks to the power of nitro cans,” says Romina Mariano, global brand manager of Kahlúa.

The product is currently available in Europe and Australia.

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