Crown helps make tuna cans easier to open

A leading Mediterranean fish canner is relaunching its oil-based tuna in easier to open oval-shaped cans.

Jealsa is using PeelSeam peelable ends from can making company Crown Food Europe. The new end is easier to remove than traditional ends, enhancing convenience and ease of access for consumers of all ages.

Jealsa adopted the PeelSeam peelable end for the 240ml oval tuna cans it packs for Spanish retailer Mercadona’s Hacendado brand. The change follows the successful transitions of other Hacendado branded products to the technology.

Crown’s PeelSeam peelable ends consist of a thin, flexible foil that is heat-sealed to a rigid steel ring, allowing for conventional double seaming onto standard metal containers. Only small adjustments to the seaming process are required, minimising production downtime and changeover costs for the manufacturer. They are also lighter than traditional ends, leading to a reduction in overall can weight. The end benefits the consumer by making the can opening process smooth, easy and safe.

“The introduction of the PeelSeam peelable ends on oval tuna cans helps ensure our customers’ products stand out on the shelf and add value to the consumer experience by making accessing the product inside quick and easy,” says Carmen Calvo, a spokesperson from Jealsa.

Crown Food Europe marketing director Ana Neale added: “In an increasingly competitive market, private label brands continue to seek ways to strengthen their identity and meet the needs of consumers. Incorporating easy-open technology such as PeelSeam is an easy way to add value and enhance the perception of a brand.”

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