Reebok switches to cans in India

Can maker Hindustan Tin Works (HTW) has helped enhance the Reebok brand by manufacturing tin containers that are being used as packaging for the company’s Playdry sportswear in India.

Hindustan Tin, which is India’s leading can maker, has previously made cans for watches for Reebok.

The company wanted something innovative for packaging other items, which is when the idea for packaging t-shirts in cans came up. Rebook approached the can maker in the middle of 2010.

Atit Bhatia, vice president of HTW, believes this is a sign that plastics packaging is coming under increasing pressure from environmentalists. “Tin packaging is getting a massive make over and is becoming a favourite in industry and with consumers,” he says. “Reebok has been working closely with HTW to develop various innovative packaging solutions for promotional items. Cans were chosen due to safety, convenience, shelf appeal, their modern look and feel and to put in the market something new which is not commonly used by consumers today.”

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