Baosteel to build can plant in Vietnam

Baosteel Group is planning to build its first overseas beverage can plant in Vietnam, according to reports.

The Chinese company, which is the world’s second-largest steel maker by output, hopes the steel beverage can plant will help meet the increasing demand from the Southeast Asian market.

An unnamed official told China Daily that the factory would be located in the Singapore Industrial Park, 18 km from Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi.

According to the source, Baosteel has already booked a plot of land in the park and cans made at the factory will be sold in southern Vietnam and southeastern Asian countries, including Thailand.

The official refused to reveal details about the proposed plant’s annual capacity but did say that the factory will be about the same size as the company’s can producing facilities in China.

Baosteel currently supplies two-piece steel beverage cans to PepsiCo and Coca Cola in China.

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