Five Gold Stars for Ardagh at 2019 Starpack Awards

Ardagh Group’s Food & Speciality business won the title of Packaging Team of the Year at the 2019 Starpack Awards.

It was one of five Gold awards won by the company at one of Europe’s most prestigious and strongly contested packaging awards. Gold Stars were awarded in the Consumer Food and Drink category and the Engineering Innovation category for its 212 ml, 65 diameter DRD 2 piece can at the new height of 71 mm, and its 425 ml DWI 2 piece can with new diameter of 83 mm. These two products also gained Gold Stars in the Engineering Innovation category.

Judges said it was the calibre of teamwork and dedicated commitment to innovation and commercial viability for the DWI project that earned Ardagh the Packaging Team of the Year award.

DWI and DRD are “model examples of Ardagh’s systematic approach towards product development and underscored all the qualities judges seek in Gold Star winners: innovation in design, construction, manufacturing and materials technology; good environmental credentials; championing the needs of the consumer.”

The DRD (Draw Re Draw) project involved two years of intensive R&D to increase the height of Ardagh’s 225 ml two-piece low height (up to 40mm) cans used primarily for seafood to 71mm and meet the demand from seasonal vegetable growers. DWI (Drawn, Walled and Ironed) is an advanced metal can making process formed in two rather than three stages.

“We have been an active Starpack supporter over many years, and the success this year for two of our more high-profile innovations has given our whole team particular satisfaction,” said Laurent Cordier, Ardagh’s sales director food.

“To receive unanimous acclaim from the distinguished judging panel for our approach to innovation which delivers benefits to the supply chain sends a very positive message to our colleagues and customers.”

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