Cans reward gaming fans in Rockstar Energy Gears 5 promotion

Ardagh has teamed up with energy drink brand, Rockstar Energy, to provide a series of Collectors’ Edition cans to tie in with its giveaway for the release of Xbox game Gears 5.

The special designs are inspired by characters from the Gears of War series, with a unique look for each of the four different flavoured energy drinks – encouraging customers to buy again to complete the whole set.

Ardagh’s Coded Tab technology uses an alphanumeric code on the tab underside, which is revealed only on opening, requiring customer purchase to participate in the promotion. The unique code ties each can with a specific reward, from in-game bonuses like Multi-Player Boost, custom lancers, exclusive banners to premium prizes such as limited-edition Xbox One X consoles and a Gears 5-liveried Ford pick-up truck.

Unusually, the tab features two contrasting colours. A bright yellow topside attracts the eye from above, and once the can is opened the black underside is revealed. The tab topside folds around the edges of the underside, framing the promotional code to ensure the customer cannot miss it.

Ardagh developed the coating material required for the two-tone tab as a special customisation for Rockstar. The code itself – an easy-to-read format comprising two lines of six characters – is indelibly marked into the tab by removing the colour coating using laser ablation.

Consumers must enter their code onto the promotional website to discover their prize, and the interactive nature of the promotion – requiring customer action to reveal the code by opening the can and then discover their prize – encourages the consumer to associate the product with winning and fun.

The promotional cans feature artwork by British illustrator Luke Preece. They deploy the skull and gearwheel “Crimson Omen” imagery of the Gears of War series against background prints representing the characters’ attributes, while still foregrounding the Rockstar branding. The result is a bold, edgy and exciting aesthetic across the range of 500ml cans.

In the German, UK and US markets, the promotion features up to four flavours and therefore up to four Gears 5 designs.

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