Bunting appoints lean manufacturing co-ordinator

Bunting has appointed Robert Clausing as the company’s new lean manufacturing co-ordinator. Clausing will be responsible for focusing on utilising a lean manufacturing mindset in order to reduce and eliminate waste.

“Waste is anything that adds to the process without adding value to the product,” said Clausing. “It can be as obvious as transportation expenses and as subtle as spending too much time searching for a misplaced item. Everyone can see waste, and even conceive ways to reduce or eliminate it.”

He joins the Bunting team from TECT Power, where he served as general operations manager. Clausing has also worked for Carlson Products as a supply chain manager and The Coleman Company as a global quality manager.

“I look forward to guiding teams that can transform ideas and suggestions to project Bunting as a world-class organisation,” said Clausing. “I am eager to unleash a lean mindset that leads all Bunting facilities towards operations excellence.”

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