Radnor Hills adds canned range

UK beverage company Radnor Hills is extending its portfolio of products to embrace the can.

Spring water is a delicate, highly regulated and safety-controlled product, and the company’s new packaging for its still and sparkling water range successfully achieves the challenge of meeting all quality regulations.

Recognising the benefits of the aluminium can – with its long shelf life, 100% recyclability, transport efficiency and leakproof/lightproof qualities – the company worked with Ardagh to bring cans into its packaging portfolio.

After intensive help with the complex technical aspects of producing canned water, Radnor Hills is now able to fill at source, which is the ideal solution for beverage companies looking for complete control over product quality from start to finish, preserving the water in its perfect, natural state.

Ardagh’s customer technical service specialists helped the company develop its at-source filling line, while the can was tested for compatibility with the sensitive product at Ardagh’s laboratory in Bonn, Germany, where its complete safety and suitability was determined.

Radnor Hills’ portfolio of canned drinks also includes its fully school compliant range Radnor Fruits, which are a blend of 45% fruit juice and spring water. The company has opted to make the most of Ardagh’s Coloured Tab range by selecting different coloured tabs for each product for easy identification from above. The co-ordinated designs feature a navy-blue tab for the still spring water, silver for the sparkling spring water, and yellow, pink, red and green for Radnor Fruits.

William Watkins, managing director and founder of Radnor Hills, based in Knighton on the Welsh border said: ‘Our passion is for making the simplest of things taste great, and thanks to the detailed development we’ve done with Ardagh, we know we can rely on our new can range to protect and preserve the fantastic taste and quality of our still and sparkling spring waters.’

Two all-natural and completely unsweetened Infused Waters are the next product in Radnor Hills’ pipeline. In the meantime, at the end of 2019 the still and sparkling canned waters are coming to the UK and will be widely available in supermarkets, while the Radnor Fruits range will be appearing in outlets including UK schools.

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