Ardagh adds brilliant white finish to shell range

Ardagh has introduced the latest newcomer to its range of infinitely recyclable coloured beverage ends: a white shell.

The white coloured shell was originally a specific Ardagh customisation for Bavarian craft beer company And Union. It is now available to all customers who are seeking a bright and contemporary finish for their cans.

Ardagh’s catalogue of beverage end options boasts a wide selection of attractive colours and finishes for both the shell and the tab. With the addition of stylish white as a shell finish, the choice expands once again, resulting in exciting new possibilities for beverage ends which are guaranteed to stand out at point of sale. Customers will be able to match any tab from Ardagh’s existing colour range with the white shell in combinations that achieve either a sleek and sophisticated complement, or an eye-catching contrast.

The white shell has already proven itself a head-turner as it formed an important element of the design for And Union’s unfiltered lager can, which won a silver medal at 2017’s Cans of the Year awards. The company was seeking a modern, minimalist look to reflect their values, and Ardagh developed the white shell in response, pairing it with a black tab.

Henning Madea, chief executive officer at And Union said: “We’re proud to have been the first to use Ardagh’s new white shells. When we were conceptualising our packaging design back in 2016, we were looking to evoke a clean, uncomplicated and ultra-modern message, and Ardagh delivered with the white Coloured Shell/ black Coloured Tab combination. In fact, we loved it so much we now use it across our entire range of cans.”

“The white shell was a real success for the And Union cans, and now we’re delighted to be making it part of our Coloured Shell range,” said Dirk Schwung, sales director at Ardagh Group’s European Metal Beverage division. “We’re always looking to innovate to meet customer needs, not only technically but with aesthetics and branding too.”

The white shell matches all the size specifications of the other shell options and can run at standard speeds on the filling line. It is available to all customers from October 2019.

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