Ardagh wins at 2019 World Beverage Innovation Awards

Ardagh’s ‘ribbed’ can which keeps Jupiler beer cool in the hand won Best Can/ Alubottle at the 2019 World Beverage Innovation Awards.

The design saw Ardagh develop a new tooling technique to achieve super-defined debossed flutes in the walls of both the 330ml and 500ml Jupiler cans. The resulting ‘ribs’ disrupt the flow of air along the can body and reduce contact with the hand, which keeps the beer colder for longer.

In a neat additional benefit, the fluted design not only keeps the product colder for longer, it also echoes the characteristic Jupiler ribbed glassware. This shelf appeal helped the can achieve Finalist in the Best Packaging Design/Label category, to add to its win as Best Can/Alubottle overall.

The World Beverage Innovation Awards, which have been made annually since 2001, celebrate and highlight the most important beverage industry developments. Other Ardagh innovations to be recognised this year were the Nitro Canned cocktail range from Funkin Cocktails.

A finalist in the Best Beverage Concept category, Funkin Cocktails deployed Ardagh’s Nitro Can to make bar-quality cocktails available off-the-shelf for the first time. The slim aluminium can features a nitrogen-infused widget which is activated on can opening to mix the cocktail instantly. The cascading pour results in an attractive cocktail with a long-lasting foam head and the smooth, velvety sensation that is normally only achieved in a traditional cocktail shaker. The Nitro Can’s stable in-can environment guarantees shelf stability both in refrigerated and ambient temperatures.

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