Ausnutria and Trivium to open Infant Nutrition can manufacturing plant in 2020

Answering the growing demand for infant formula products, Ausnutria and Trivium have embarked on a brand-new joint venture facility at Ausnutria’s production site in Heerenveen, the Netherlands.

The shared €30m joint investment between Ausnutria, an infant formula manufacturer and Trivium, a metal packaging producer, will result in the opening of a more than 10.000 m² can manufacturing plant in 2020. The plant will have the most modern utility supplies through state-of-the-art equipment.

The facility will be located in Heerenveen in the Netherlands, providing a “wall to wall” integrated operation with the current dry blending & packaging plants of Ausnutria and will have a capacity to produce more than 150 million cans by 2021.

Trivium was chosen by Ausnutria as its long-term packaging partner following the opening of the Heerenveen plant in 2017. With this co-operation Ausnutria will have a dedicated can manufacturing process on site, assuring the stable supply of high-quality cans. The companies have signed a 10-year contract to produce different can sizes, all featuring Trivium’s peel-off lid with rivet. The new facility will supply Ausnutria’s factories in Heerenveen and Leeuwarden. Trivium has previously supplied cans to Ausnutria from its plants in Hoogeveen and Leeuwarden.

“This large and important investment is a very good fit for Ausnutria,” said Bart van der Meer, CEO, Ausnutria.

“The integrated operation and shared expertise with our partners will yield significant benefits throughout the supply chain, ensuring that products of the highest quality can meet the demands of customers worldwide in the most timely and efficient way.”

Woep Möller, CEO of the European Trivium business said: “We are delighted that Ausnutria has chosen Trivium as its partner of growth and recognises Trivium’s dedication to quality and hygiene in this highly demanding market. The wall to wall facility will be supported by our other infant nutrition manufacturing facilities and further increases our presence in this growing segment.”

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