Trivium to launch digital colour proofing at ADF 2020

Trivium Packaging will be launching its Digital Colour Proofing (DCP) concept at the Aerosol and Dispensing Forum (ADF) in January 2020.

Trivium’s DCP has been hailed by key account manager, Victorien Dorier, as “the most sophisticated and cost effective colour management system on the market”. The digital proofing is said to offer greater control and flexibility throughout the packaging design and development process.

All customer colours are stored digitally in a colour management database to allow for instant viewing, making it easier for adjustments to be made within the framework of standard brand parameters. Proofs can then be generated on the actual metal substrate to provide a more realistic visualisation of the finished product packaging.

DCP works alongside Trivium’s 3D Studio, which enable customers to visualise artworks in the form of a 3D model at every stage of the development process.

Martin de Olde, Trivium’s European marketing and business development manager, highlights the importance of both creating sustainable packaging solutions, and working closely with customers:

“We are very fortunate to offer our customers packaging solutions that are 100% and infinitely recyclable and therefore meet today’s demand for the most sustainable materials.

“But equally important in today’s highly competitive marketplace is to work closely with our customers throughout the product development cycle from concept to completion. With DCP and our 3D Studio we have created the ideal environment for inspirational as well as practical and sustainable packaging.”

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One response to “Trivium to launch digital colour proofing at ADF 2020”

  1. Jack Yang says:

    Dear Sirs

    Good morning.

    I am happy to learn about your Trivium’s Digital Colour Proofing (DCP). I have seen many of this digital press in our region but so far non of the digital press in this region is able to provide print in LPI tone. All of the digital press can only print in DPI tone which is different from our offset metal printing press which is using LPI tone. As such, please advise if your digital press is able to print in LPI format as this will be more appropriate for our usage as proofing press.

    Thanks and look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards

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