Domino Printing Sciences expands ink sample testing facilities

Domino Printing Sciences has expanded both its ink sample testing facilities and pre-sales team, in order to stay on top of recyclability demands for packaging materials.

Significant investment has been made in new technology for Domino’s sample labs, as well as in increasing staff capabilities, so that each customer will be offered a dedicated pre-sales support member. The move is part of Domino’s continued commitment to offering first class customer service by providing quality assurance in coding and marking solutions.

Dr Susan Palmer, head of Global Pre-Sales at Domino, said: “Product packaging requirements are constantly evolving, and any change in packaging materials can have a significant impact on the reliability, durability, and legibility of codes.

“Our technical specialists work closely with customers and the Ink Development team to find the best solution.

“In recent years, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of recyclable cardboard samples that have been requested. In response to this, the Ink Development team developed a mineral oil-free ink, specifically for these kinds of substrates.

“The recyclability factor has an impact on the types of inks we use and the advice that we give to our customers.”

Domino’s ink samples undergo rigorous testing in order to ensure they meet customer requirements. Based on discussion with the customer, once a sample is received, a list of potential solutions is chosen, where factors such as speed, material type and customer-specific factory conditions are considered, before being passed on to the relevant lab for further testing.

Additionally, Domino is attempting to navigate the challenges of printing high-quality inks onto recyclable substrates.

Palmer commented: “We have inks and ribbons which have been specifically designed to stick to low surface energy substrates, so it’s just about finding the best solution for the customer requirements.

“This can vary depending on the packaging contents and the type of production line. For example, on a beverage line, where moisture can build up on the outside of cans and bottles, you need to ensure you have an ink-based solution that can print through condensation.”

Alongside the customer testing, Domino’s labs are also continually experimenting with new substrates in order to improve in-house knowledge and advise on substrate coding solutions.

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