Aluminium cans pave the way for more sustainability in aerosol industry

The Aerosol & Dispensing Forum, which took place in Paris at the end of January, focused on sustainability and members of the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) were able to provide the following arguments and sustainable solutions of enhancing clients’ corporate strategies.

As a material, aluminium is characterised by unique distinguishing features such as its lightness, low energy consumption and retention of quality during recycling and holding the highest intrinsic value of all packaging materials. All of these characteristics have a positive impact on aluminium’s sustainability account.

The development of new alloys for aluminium aerosol cans, which is being driven forward in co-operation with slug manufacturers, allows significant weight reductions to be made, which contributes to even greater sustainability. The same applies to full layer packing for transport, which is increasingly being used in the industry and offers advantages where logistics and the environment are concerned. The use of alternative coating systems and technologies is also associated with additional environmental benefits and increased acceptance in the supply chain.

However, the growing demand for post-consumer recycled material requires tailor-made closed-loop collection, sorting and recycling systems that have to take into account the issues that arise with respect to infrastructure, the environment, costs and material supply. Material flows need to be traceable.

Aluminium aerosol can manufacturers have often undertaken considerable effort in advance in order to develop new and complex alloys and lacquer systems and are continuously optimising these solutions. Client acceptance is required to compensate for these efforts and to accept new technologies because new developments entail a great deal of effort in terms of time, personnel and cost.

AEROBAL is creating a new ‘Sustainability’ category for its World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award in 2020 in order to provide additional incentives for developing innovative sustainability solutions and making them widely recognised throughout the industry. Sustainable aluminium aerosol cans were also awarded at the Aerosol & Dispensing Forum in January.

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