Aluminium industry welcomes government aid programmes, says GDA

Even the aluminium industry cannot escape the dramatic developments in industrial activity in Germany and the rest of Europe. According to an ad hoc survey conducted by Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA), 80% of the aluminium companies questioned said that new orders and call-off figures from the automotive industry had declined sharply and had even come to a complete standstill in some cases.

GDA has found that obstacles to production are already manifesting themselves clearly: 50% of those surveyed considered logistics in particular to be a burden on their own production, 46% reported a shortage of incoming orders and for around 44%, increased sick leave was hampering production. According to the survey, around half of the respondents have already started working shorter hours or are planning to do so in the short term.

The packaging sector for both food and pharmaceutical products is experiencing a special development. GDA found that 50% of the companies surveyed reported increases in orders and call- offs while the other half anticipated stable demand.

“It is crucial now to maintain the supply chains in their entirety,” said Marius Baader, executive director of GDA. “These highly relevant chains will cease to function without metal production, the manufacture of semi-finished products and recycling, including the recycling of process scrap.”

Together with other non-ferrous metals industry associations (WV Metalle, BDGuss and GDB), GDA has formulated politico-economic measures that take account of the industry’s special circumstances.

“We very much welcome the rapid introduction of government aid programmes,” said Marius Baader.

“At the moment, however, issues such as more flexible rules covering working hours, adjustments to deadlines stipulated in environmental and energy legislation and unimpeded freight transport throughout Europe are just as vital for the survival of our companies.”

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