CFUK and Tata Steel launch children’s Packaging Design Challenge

Canned Food UK (CFUK) and Tata Steel in Europe are launching a Packaging Design Challenge on 24 April 2020.

The challenge encourages children aged 15 and under to design and create their own pack which demonstrates packaging’s important role in protecting food and drink.

To take part, entrants must first create their ‘product: a sponge in a freezer bag with 200ml of water, and then they must make a pack for their product using materials otherwise destined for the recycling bin (which have been cleaned) such as cereal boxes, milk cartons or toilet roll holders.

Entrants are invited to send photos or a video to CFUK by tagging Instagram posts with @cannedfooduk or #packagingdesignchallenge or by emailing [email protected].

Entries should show how their packs are decorated, which parts are recyclable and if their pack survives the drop test – by dropping their pack from head height to see if the product leaks.

A winner will be selected by a panel of experts for a chance to win £100 in Amazon vouchers.

The closing date of the challenge is midnight on Monday 22 May 2020.

The challenge launches with a live session on Canned Food UK’s Facebook page at 11am on Friday 24 April with Nicola Jones, Tata Steel’s packaging recycling education manager, who normally visits schools nationwide delivering interactive workshops that showcase the benefits of packaging.

“Lots of families would have been returning from the Easter break this week and I would have been in classrooms talking about how steel is made and why we use packaging. I wanted to continue to share these resources and the Packaging Design Challenge was the perfect opportunity,” commented Jones.

“It’s a straightforward activity that children can do with minimal adult supervision, that’s away from a computer screen, and at the same time, learn about how packaging protects our food and drink, reduces waste and how it’s recycled.”

“I think the challenge will showcase the effectiveness of packaging, just like the can which has great shelf appeal, durability and of course, is infinitely recyclable,” added Robert Fell, director at CFUK and competition judge. “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries, especially if they survive the drop test.”

For more information, visit or see entries as they come in on the CFUK’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram channels.

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