Cisowianka to launch water in cans

Polish water producer Cisowianka is launching its sparkling Perlage brand in cans.

This will be the first water in a can on the Polish market and will be available from July. Perrier is the only other brand that is available in such a package in Europe.

The company is also launching a limited edition range of cans, which will be dedicated to the Polish football team, in time for the Euro 2012 football tournament that is being co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine. These will be abailable later this month.

A new can line by CFT Packaging has been installed at Cisowianka’s plant in Drzewce. It is equipped with an innovative electronic can seaming system.

“The canned water market is very promising. This kind of package is gaining more and more appreciation,” says Emanuele Piva, CFT’s sales manager.

According to Piva there are many reasons for the rising popularity of cans, for instance they are completely recyclable as they are made out of steel or aluminium. The can is convenient as it is lightweight, unbreakable and easily fits into a bag.

Cisowianka Perlage will be available in 330ml cans. The company already packages its water in PET and glass bottles.

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