Spirit Cartel adds canned CBD Gibson’s Goodology to its portfolio

Spirit Cartel, a London-based premium spirit distributor focused on selling and importing spirits from around the world, has added Gibson’s Goodology to its portfolio, engaging with the rapidly emerging ‘good vibes and wellness’ CBD drinks market.

Gibson’s Goodology says it aims to lead the trend in drinking good and doing good, especially by using the highest quality and most effective CBD. The innovative drinks range was reportedly born from an irrepressible belief in the power of human goodness and positivity, two attributes key to post-lockdown era of compassion and unification following months of social and spatial distance.

Jenn Hartzler, spokesperson of Gibson’s Goodology, noted: “Gibson’s Goodology is thrilled to be the exclusive supplier of CBD drinks and products to Spirit Cartel. They have the know-how, culture, and extensive customer relationships to distribute this brand and drink, which have been a labour of love for us. We are pleased to offer Spirit Cartel the very best of premium CBD drinks, with CBD content and quality, flavours, and ingredients. Their team and operations are second to none and will allow us to deliver that premium experience, whilst scaling the brand at the same time. We’re very excited for the future with Spirit Cartel!”

Gibson Goodology drinks have the highest percentage of CBD on the market at 25mg per serve. CBD is known for its multiple benefits in enhancing a healthier lifestyle, which the Gibson Goodology team believes will help restore the body’s natural harmony.

The drinks are available in three flavours: Shisho Tea and Blueberry, Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb and Green Tea and Pasion Fruit. Each flavour is associated with an emotion: ‘Pure Love,’ ‘Pure Harmony’ and ‘Pure Joy’.

The CBD market is forging a new category between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks within the drinks industry, and engaging with the fast growing wellness market, which has expanded by 12.8% over the past two years contributing to the £3.2 trillion industry it is today (Global Wellness Institute, 2019).

Charles Marshall, director of Spirit Cartel, said: “We have found a ‘peach’ with Gibson’s Goodology. Spirit Cartel prides itself on its statement portfolio of brands, balancing pedigree, and provenance with innovation. Aware of the opportunities the burgeoning CDB category offers, we have been bombarded with many concoctions that purport to contain CBD and carry a cannabis leave motif on the packing yet remain undrinkable. We are excited to have secured Gibson’s Goodology, as it is the first CBD brand that overdelivers on expectation, a premium drink expertly blended by Oskar Kinberg of Hide and Dabbous and containing the highest level of quality CBD at 25mg per serve – so good you can feel it!”

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