SAKATA INX develops environmentally-friendly UV inkjet ink

SAKATA INX has introduced BSR-Bio, a new environmentally-friendly UV inkjet ink for corrugated packaging applications. The new sustainable ink option is formulated with 20-30% plant-derived materials, allowing brand owners and printers to benefit from reduced regulatory risk and measurable, reportable CO2 savings.

BSR-Bio is an advancement of the original BSR formulation that has reportedly enjoyed much success in North America on Barberán Jetmaster digital printers. The Jetmaster manufactured by Barberán SA was developed to bring inkjet advantages to the market for not only corrugated boxes, but point-of-purchase display as well. It is available together with SAKATA INX BSR and BSR-Bio digital ink solutions globally.

SAKATA’s proprietary advanced technology for Nano-pigment dispersion enables its inkjet inks to have high performance jetting properties at fast print speed, with high reliability for inkjet print heads. BSR-Bio consists of standard CMYK colors with Orange + Green or Orange + Violet as an option when wider color gamut is required. It is extremely low odour and has high durability and good flexibility to reduce cracking problems, according to SAKATA.

Barberán SA’s Eladio Lerga, who is responsible for the Jetmaster, commented: “We have been a good partner with SAKATA INX for years and have made successful projects together. Corrugated packaging is one of the most suitable applications for the circular economy concept, and I am excited about the environmental impact BSR-Bio brings to the market.”

Yoshiaki Ueno, director – CTO, SAKATA INX, said: “BSR-Bio is a marketable product formulated based on SAKATA INX core technologies and long-term experience with a wide variety of materials. The market needs for sustainable product solutions will continue to grow based on societal needs to protect the planet and develop a circular economy. BSR-Bio is a strategic product for a circular economy as is part of our Botanical ink product line. It meets many environmental requirements including waste and greenhouse gas reductions.”

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