Siebel Institute of Technology and Wild Goose Filling collaborate to enhance beverage packaging education

Brewing education pillar Siebel Institute of Technology and filling equipment leader Wild Goose Filling have joined forces to advance quality beverage packaging. Through combined experience, research and testing, the collaboration establishes comprehensive educational resources that strengthen beverage filling knowledge and practices.

Siebel Institute of Technology—America’s oldest brewing school—has educated brewers worldwide through its specialised curriculum for 148 years. As one of the world’s first educational brewing institutions, Siebel Institute’s alumni are reportedly found in almost every major brewery around the globe.

Wild Goose Filling harnessed decades of experience in beverage filling systems to become a global leader in craft canning and bottling equipment. The company’s patented innovations helped make reliable packaging a viable in-house option for small breweries and other craft beverage producers.

Drawing on longstanding brewing industry experience—Siebel Institute is nearing its 150th anniversary and Wild Goose recently installed its 1000th canning line—the collaboration arose from a mutual commitment to excellence in brewing education, practices and equipment. With specialty programming using a Wild Goose canning system, Siebel Institute can demonstrate packaging processes in a live production setting and offer hands-on canning equipment experience to develop student skill sets.

Christian R von der Heide, president and CEO of Siebel Institute, said: “I am delighted for our partnership with Wild Goose Filling. We love innovative companies and leaders in their field. We can showcase to our students how smaller scale can filling and seaming works, achieving great quality and shelf life. For Wild Goose, we are the go-to school and educator when it comes to all things brewing. Our pilot brewery is now enhanced with the ability to leverage can format for our consulting, training and trial projects.”

Wild Goose Filling’s chief executive officer, Chris Fergen, said: “Promoting knowledge and advocating for quality strengthens our entire brewing community. We at Wild Goose stand on the quality of our equipment, and Siebel Institute of Technology’s reputation for excellence is unmatched around the world. Our relationship with Siebel Institute means individuals are best prepared for success in their brewing career, which in turn helps the global craft industry flourish and grow.”

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