WaveGrip launches new multipack can carrier

Image credit: WaveGrip

WaveGrip, a brand of Berry Global, has launched a new style of multi-pack carrier for cans which contains over 50% recycled plastic and delivers the latest on-pack marketing messages direct into consumers’ hands.

Recyclable with polyethylene (PE) film collection schemes and weighing less than 4g for a standard six-pack, WaveGrip is one of the lightest and most sustainable multi-packing solutions available.

Now, by incorporating over 50% Sustane NXG post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymer, each carrier minimises material use and also supports a circular economy through the use of recycled plastic and a reduced dependency on fossil-fuel derived polymers. WaveGrip is also continuing to increase the use of PCR within its carriers, aiming for it to be 100% by 2021.

By incorporating a handle within the carrier design, WaveGrip says its new carriers offer improved functionality, making it easier for consumers to grab a pack off the shelf and carry home. Also, by creating an additional surface on the pack, brand messages and promotions can be added via a custom printed label. As labels are made from PE they do not impact on the carriers’ recyclability, maintaining its sustainability credentials.

Darryl Roadnight, business director at WaveGrip, said: “The combination of efficient material use, recycled content and recyclability already make our new carriers a sustainable choice for multi-packs.

“And with our development plans to increase the use of PCR content even further, we will continue to improve its sustainability profile for beverage producers.”

Stocked in both North America and Europe, the carriers are available for quick delivery to customers for use as four, six and eight packs across a range of can sizes including 12oz, 16oz and 19.2oz.

Roadnight concluded: “We know how important sustainability is to our customers and it is integral to the development of WaveGrip products. We are delighted that our latest carriers further increase our contribution to the circular economy, while also providing an added benefit to customers through their enhanced branding and marketing opportunities all in one product.”

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