Canpack Group recognised as ‘Investor Without Borders’ at European Congress 2020

Canpack Group has been granted the honorary title of “Investor Without Borders” during an award ceremony at the European Economic Congress 2020 in Katowice (Poland). The company was recognised for having created a modern capital group ranked among the leading packaging manufacturers in the world.

The “Investor Without Borders” title is awarded to the most effective Polish investors pursuing foreign expansion, as well as foreign companies investing in Poland, that bring a positive impact on the economy and the labour market. The primary goal of this distinction is to promote exemplary and transparent relationships, based on the idea of partnership and mutual-respect between investors, the market and the administration.

“We are delighted with this award, a true tribute to our ambitious investment program. We are receiving it at a moment when, despite the challenges related to the outbreak and spread of the pandemic, we launched the production of an aluminum beverage can in the Czech Republic. It also coincides with our announcement of the first investment project in the history of our company in the United States. In July, we celebrated “our one billionth can”, produced in the Canpack factory in Colombia,” said Małgorzata Podrecka, group legal and PR officer.

“The total value of the investments carried out in 2014-2019 exceeded USD $1 billion. Such an impressive pace of growth would not have been possible without the trust that our customers have placed in us, but also without the commitment and dedication of the Canpack employees – no matter the role or seniority – and without support from the shareholder, who has largely financed the investment program from his own funds. This award is a tribute to all of them,” she added.

“When announcing the “Investor without borders” competition, we thought about promoting examples of the best relations between investors and their economic environment: the capital market, the labor market, state administration and the natural environment. When selecting the winners, we used objective criteria. Therefore, we take into account such factors as the scale of the investments made, their impact on the development of the potential and innovativeness of the Polish economy and their importance for the labour market. But we also reserve the right to use more subjective assessments,” said Wojciech Kuśpik, president of the PTWP Group and initiator of the European Economic Congress, during the award ceremony.

“We analyse the effectiveness of strategies – we especially value those that contribute to building a Polish brand in the world and opening the door to foreign markets for other Polish companies. We try to take note of everything that is important, interesting and worth celebrating. That is why we cooperate with representatives of opinion-forming business circles, with local government, economic experts, agencies and government institutions. So I am convinced that the list of winners of our competition faithfully reflects the condition of the Polish investment market,” he added.

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