New ASTM international standard establishes SpecMetrix as more precise coating thickness measurement option

Image courtesy of Sensory Analytics

A new ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) international standard has been approved that covers the more precise ruggedised optical interference (ROI) based coating thickness measurement technology incorporated into all SpecMetrix measurement solutions being supplied globally by Sensory Analytics.

ASTM D8331 establishes performance requirements and test methods for the measurement of film thickness of applied coatings by non-destructive and non-hazardous means using ROI technologies. The new standard is significant since the correct amount of applied coating thickness plays a critical role in the performance of the final product including its physical, chemical, and long-term durability properties. The precise measurement of coating thickness is key to applying the correct amount of each coated layer. Non-destructive thickness measurement tests using ROI technology generate immediate coating thickness data that has proven to be highly repeatable and reproducible from one SpecMetrix system to another. The test method covers the use of these advanced systems for both in-process and off-line coil coating thickness measurement and coating process control applications.

ASTM and its international standards serve many industries and is recognised globally as the leading developer of voluntary consensus technical standards. Companies and consumers can have confidence in the products they buy or use when the systems or services adhere to ASTM standards since they know these purchases are proven to be reliable. ASTM standards enhance product performance by making sure products are long lasting, high quality, safe for use, and perform as expected.

“Sensory Analytics is globally known for its breakthrough ROI technologies incorporated into our award-winning SpecMetrix coating thickness and film layer measurement systems. The issuance of the new ASTM D8331 standard affirms that our impactful measurement solutions can help create higher global standards for established industrial markets, and bring significant quality improvements and cost-saving benefits to manufacturing plants that count on them” said Greg Frisby, global coil industry manager for SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory Analytics.

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