Alzamora Group celebrates first anniversary of sustainable beverage packaging solution

Alzamora Group, a leading company in the manufacture of cardboard packaging, has celebrated the first anniversary of LatCub’s launch, the renewable, 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable solution that replaces the rings and plastic shrink wrap of beverage cans, positioning itself on a national and international level.

LatCub is the sustainable solution from Alzamora Group created for packs of four, six, eight and twelve cans that aims to free our oceans from plastic, a material that has been and continues to harm our planet and the life of our marine fauna.

Produced with the minimum possible cardboard and without any type of plastics, glue or adhesive tape, LatCub offers brands the opportunity to expand their communication and differentiation space in an ecological way.

Its resistance to humidity, ease of packaging and agility in transport, being handled with a single hand grip, make LatCub appear as a fully functional ecological packaging. A solution in which world-renowned beer brands such as Estrella Damm and Heineken have already established themselves.

Josep M Berga, general and commercial director of Alzamora Group, assured that: “LatCub was the first solution available for cans in shops, making it the most reliable pack on the market due to its expertise.” In addition, he adds that “after the first year of its launch, the production rates and efficiencies achieved with the solution have met all the expectations of our customers.”

The company offers all its customers a fully comprehensive solution, including machinery solutions that achieve the production levels of current plastic rings.

Carles Cargol, director of the Alzamora Group R&D Area, affirms that “the cadence of LatCub allows maintaining current productivity levels while preserving the effectiveness and safety of the usual packaging.”

LatCub is made with cardboard sourced from responsibly controlled and sustainable forests, recognized by both FSC and PEFC certifications. A commitment from the Spanish company to favour the circular economy.

Currently, LatCub is available in six different models adapted to the needs of each client, with improvements in protection against contamination and more options for easy packaging transport.

Since its launch, Alzamora Group solution has won different awards and recognitions for its innovative, sustainable and original nature, including the World Star Packaging Awards (WPO), the highest distinction worldwide in packaging, and recently as a finalist in the World Beverage Innovation Awards.

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