Cans positioned as ideal event package

Ball Packaging Europe is positioning the beverage can as an optimum event package.

The can maker is supporting the beach volleyball championships by acting as the official soft drink partner for the smart beach tour 2012.

For more than three months Ball will be present at all the stopping points of the tour. The company will have a refreshment kiosk in the entrance area of each competition venue where every consumer can satisfy their thirst with a cool beverage can.

Visitors can also enjoy their cooled beverages in comfortable deck chairs and, in the specially produced Ball design chair with integral iPad, surf on the Internet site They can immediately share their experiences at the refreshment kiosk with their friends via multimedia communication channels such as Facebook or Twitter. In this way they pay for their drink with the value of their social network, “Pay with a Tweet” is, so to speak, the first social payment system. In order to also positively influence the environmental awareness of the young target group, return of the cans with a deposit on them is rewarded with a surprise.

Besides the refreshment kiosk, there are also five experience rickshaws on the road in the towns hosting the smart beach tour, each branded by Ball’s beverage partners.

Ball says cans are the perfect packaging choice for an event like the smart beach tour because they are unbreakable and also prevent people walking barefoot on the beach from being injured. Beverage cans are infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality. The recycling of the beverage can saves up to 95% of the energy which is required for the production of new material.

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