Heristo’s products enhanced by Crown’s easy-open ends

One of the leading food canners and private label suppliers in Germany has teamed up with Crown Food Europe to incorporate Easylift easy-open ends on its products.

Heristo is promoting convenience for its products by incorporating the easy-open ends on its Buss range of ready meals and soup and its Saturn pet food products.

The easy-open ends feature a generous gap between the can lid and the ring pull which allows consumers of all ages, including seniors, children and the physically impaired, to easily open food cans.

“Crown worked closely with us to ensure a smooth transition to the new technology and minimise downtime,” says Heinz-Josef Elmerhaus, managing director, Saturn. “They provided support from testing of the new packaging technology on our manufacturing lines to set up for commercial production, ensuring a successful launch in the market.”

Available in a wide range of diameters, the Easylift easy-open ends are suitable for Heristo’s complete range of Buss and Saturn products. The 73mm and 99mm diameter ends are used on its 400g and 800g ready meals and soup cans. The 73mm diameter end is also used for its 200g and 400g cat food cans and the 99mm diameter end for its larger 1.2kg dog food cans.

“Private label packaging is becoming more innovative, with many setting the pace when it comes to unique packaging,” comments Laetitia Durafour, marketing manager, Crown Food Europe. “Our award-winning ends help Heristo add value to its packaging by enabling consumers to reduce the time and effort needed to prepare meals for themselves, their families and their pets.”

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