Ardagh Wine Cans provide summer drinks from 2Wine

Ardagh Metal Packaging’s (AMP) Wine Cans have been used to create new products for Amsterdam-based company 2Wine this summer. The beverages include a Sauvignon Blanc, a Merlot-Cabernet rosé, and an Italian sparkling wine in a trio of 250ml slim cans.

The 2Wine range is packaged in contemporary pearlescent colours – gold-bronze for the white wine, apple green for the brut and warm pink for the rosé – with a simple graphic line suggesting a corkscrew. This fun ironic note gestures at the benefits of wine in cans.

With wine in cans being a fast-growing sales sector, predicted by Euromonitor to reach 400 billion cans in 2023, the 2Wine range responds to several current lifestyle trends. Ardagh’s Wine Cans are said to preserve the quality and taste of delicate wine, and are portable, quickly chilled, light, shatterproof and easy to recycle. The 250ml format appeals both to a growing market of single-person households – avoiding the need to open a full bottle at home, encouraging responsible drinking and reducing waste – and to friends who want to share a two-serving can.

Wim Lochtenberg, founder and CEO of 2Wine BV, said: “Though 2Wine appeals to all generations, we see younger wine drinkers actively looking for ways to have fun while not neglecting the planet. Our ambition for 2Wine is to offer a tasty, stylish and sleek product that’s also sustainable, so friends can simply grab a can to drink or to share anywhere, any time, and feel good about showing off their choice.”

Adriana Escobar, product manager at Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe, said: “The stunning 2Wine cans really are a case of ‘all class’. We’re proud to see more and more customers embracing our innovative Wine Can, reaching new markets and exciting the end consumer with trendy new options for their summer fun.”

The 2Wine range is available in Albert Heijn supermarkets across the Netherlands, with distribution soon expanding to other European countries.

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