SOHO canned soft drinks gains airport listings

Hot on the heels of a successful Sainsbury’s listing, cult drinks brand SOHO has announced it will be available at 40 bestselling WHSmith airport shops across Europe from September. Travellers will be able to pick up these canned fizz-free flavours from airports including Amsterdam, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain. SOHO will also be available at Spinney’s/ Waitrose stores in Dubai this autumn.

Founder Johnny Barnes comments: “Consumers are starting to move away from fizzy drinks and single use plastic. There is an emerging space in the market for a premium, still, canned soft drink range.

“The zeitgeist for green, vegan food and beverage products is also set to grow. Our multi-award-winning flavours are vegan-certified and come in fully recyclable cans. We use extract from the honey-bush plant to keep it that way for our Apple, Honey and Lemon flavour.

“Bold, bright and colourful on shelf, our non-carbonated soft drinks are sure to be a big hit at airports as people grab cans on the way to and from flights.”

SOHO comes in three flavours (RRP £1.49 per can): Cucumber, Mint, Lemon & Lime, Blood Orange, Raspberry & Ginger and Apple, Honey and Lemon.

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