Canned fish remains popular in Australia

A new range of John West Tuna Chunks has been released by Simplot Australia and will be packaged in 95g cans made by the Ardagh Group.

Ardagh Group is the world’s largest seafood can manufacturer and has worked with John West for a number of years.

The Tuna Chunks have been released in time for Lent, a key sales period for canned fish that can account for up to 20% of yearly sales.

Canned fish has sold well in Australia in recent years, highlighted by a 7.2% jump in 2009. Sales of canned fish also increased by 0.8% last year, according to the Retail World Annual Report.

Tuna accounts for 70.3% of sales (worth $403 million), salmon (18.3%), sardines 5.7% and shellfish 3.1%.

John West launched its new Tuna Chunks in oil range last month. Two new TV commercials will help support both the launch and the seasonal sales push.

The new range has a different look and feel to the rest of the familiar-looking John West range and the new look aims to highlight the more premium nature of the product.

John West’s new Tuna Chunks in oil come in three flavours: sea salt and cracked pepper, garlic and soy, and chilli, lime and ginger.

At the same time, John West also launched a No Drain range of tuna, promising “no mess” as the 130g cans contain only “a little” olive oil, springwater or brine.

A spokesperson for Simplot Australia said: “There is a lot of activity within the category and to be successful it’s important to make sure you’re really adding value for the shopper. John West does this through initiatives such as recipe books, leaflets and through innovative new products such as No Drain Tuna, developed to ensure that our products are as convenient as they can possibly be.”

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