University students encouraged to recycle

A recycling initiative developed by Every Can Counts is encouraging students to recycle beverage cans at universities – in return for the opportunity to watch films.

Known as the Can Film Festival, the initiative has been developed in conjunction with the National Union of Students, and rewards students with the opportunity to watch films, for free, by bringing along empty beverage cans to be recycled.

It is being promoted as part of the ‘Degrees Cooler’ programme, which is funded by the Greener Living Fund and sponsored by Defra. Degrees Cooler aims to measurably increase the pro-environmental behaviour of staff and students across 20 universities in England. The Can Film Festival supports behavioural change by encouraging greater awareness of the sustainable benefits of increasing recycling rates of the drinks can.

Rick Hindley of Every Can Counts said: “Over eight billion drink cans are sold in the UK each year, of which around 30% are consumed on-the-go. That’s equivalent to over 40,000 tonnes of aluminium and steel drinks cans, which might otherwise be lost to landfill. As students consume a large amount of canned drinks, it is important to make out-of-home recycling more convenient and accessible within university campuses. Working with Degrees Cooler on the Can Film Festival provides a simple and effective way to engage with a key audience and encourage long-term behavioural change.”

To date, there are over 4,000 Every Can Counts collection points across the UK – in offices, shopping centres, hospitals, beaches and music festivals. Organisations working with Every Can Counts receive both practical assistance and marketing communications support, enabling them to improve their recycling performance.

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