Go Mate launches new gamers’ energy drink in cans

'Relax' gives gamers the opportunity to have a healthy power-down, helping them to recharge, unwind and rebalance. Image: Go Mate

Plant-based gaming energy drink company Go Mate has launched what it is calling the ‘world’s first ever all-natural drinks system’ in cans. Designed to help the esports community power up and power down, its active ingredients do not cause the massive energy crashes energy drinks often bring about. 

Introducing a better, natural, healthier energy alternative, Go Mate uses a brain-boosting blend of nootropics and an ancient infusion of antioxidants and nutrients in the form of Yerba Mate – bringing holistic energy to those who want to ‘up their game’. While ‘Awake’ delivers sustained performance, increased focus, and heightened mental agility, ‘Relax’ gives gamers the opportunity to have a healthy power-down, helping them to recharge, unwind and rebalance, according to the company.

Working hand-in-hand with Argentinian soccer legend and active streamer Sergio Agüero, leading Danish esports organisation Astralis – known for being the world’s #2 in FIFA Women’s, as well as Fortnite and Counter Strike world champions – and Argentinian esports powerhouse KRÜ, Go Mate is aiming to challenge the negative perceptions that are often associated with over-consumption of energy drinks, using ingredients that promote wellbeing and a more balanced approach to energy. 

With the creation of a special edition can – featuring a unique new character designed to help bring good energy to the games industry – and following the company hosting The Last Mate Standing Valorant global tournament, this launch sees Go Mate partnering with a number of players and teams in the competitive gaming space. The partnership will also see Go Mate supporting them with tournaments and competitions, as well as nurturing upcoming streamers and grassroots competitive gamers.

Special edition cans. Image: Go Mate

Speaking of the launch, Sergio Agüero, chief visionary officer, said: “As the esports and the competitive gaming sector continues to grow, it’s key that we help gamers to thrive and, put simply, energy drinks which contain high amounts of caffeine and taurine don’t do that. We want to set a precedent where brain-boosting drinks have the ability to both pep up and calm down gamers, and the use of nootropics means that we are perfectly positioned to do that. We are thrilled that partners such as Astralis are supporting our ambition and commitment to the industry.” 

The special edition can, which immortalises Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero with a unique character design, can be pre-ordered at: gomatedrinks.com.

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