Crown offers added convenience with new aerosol size

Crown’s aerosol can plant in South Carolina is now able to produce slim 45mm diameter containers – a size which is more convenient for women.

Crown Aerosol Packaging North America has invested in equipment at its Spartanburg facility that will allow the company to manufacture the smaller size.

The containers are suitable for a range of cosmetic and personal care applications, including shaving cream, sun tan lotion, perfume, hair spray, body spray and deodorant. The package’s slender profile makes it more appealing to women who have smaller hands.

The steel containers are available in heights ranging up to 178mm, giving brand owners added flexibility. Shorter heights of 96mm are ideal for sample-size and travel-size products that meet strict airport carry-on regulations and allow consumers to take their favourite products with them wherever they go.

“Cosmetic and personal care purchases are very intimate choices for consumers, with many staying loyal to brands that have proven to work for them,” says Jim Wilson, president, Crown Aerosol Packaging North America. “Incorporating packaging that enhances convenience and portability so the product fits easily into consumers’ busy lifestyles can build brand loyalty even more.”

Steel’s preference is further enhanced with its strong sustainability platform. Steel aerosol containers are 100% recyclable and all steel containers have a recycling rate of 65% in the US, helping save 70% of the energy required for primary production.

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