TurtleTree partners with Singapore for COP27

Image: TurtleTree

TurtleTree will be Singapore’s official drink partner at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP27), taking place from 6 to 18 November in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Acting in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore, TurtleTree’s participation at the event will see the company serve as a standard bearer for Singapore’s environmentally focused aspirations. Through a series of panels and exhibits, TurtleTree will present its work in the field of sustainable nutrition, a pursuit reinforcing Singapore’s vision for a greener future.

As part of this showcase, TurtleTree will also be unveiling Zenith, a brand-new canned drink prototype focusing on the intersection of lifestyle and performance. Created with ingredients obtained through precision fermentation, Zenith is designed to demonstrate the use of this technology as a means of manufacturing sustainable products at scale.

Commenting on the conference, TurtleTree CEO, Fengru Lin, stated: “COP27 is the biggest sustainability-oriented event of the year, with notable players from both the private and public sector in attendance. To have access to a global stage of this scale represents an incredible opportunity to put the best of both Singapore and TurtleTree on display. We’re extremely excited about Zenith and the potential of precision fermentation, and we can’t think of a more fitting way to get the world equally excited about the opportunities to come.”

Already a key part of TurtleTree’s development process, precision fermentation will be used to create the company’s flagship ingredient product, LF+, announced earlier this year. Moving forward, this cutting-edge process will also pave the way for the production of new ingredients, unlocking a world of fresh possibilities for TurtleTree. More information on Zenith and precision fermentation will be made available on TurtleTree’s media channels in the near future.

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