Bluebird Hardwater debuts new canned category in alcohol industry

Bluebird Hardwater, the first and ‘only’ alcohol company to combine premium spirits with ultra-purified water at an ABV of just 4%, has announced the launch of its trio of alcoholic beverages, carving out a new category within the saturated industry – ‘hardwater.’

Containing two simple quality ingredients – unmistakably premium spirits and ultra-purified still water – the company is launching in the following varieties:

  • Vodka + Water: Made with a clear, smooth 10x distilled vodka, Vodka + Water is a bright pour that highlights the clean taste of vodka without any of the typical burn.
  • Tequila + Water: Crafted with a Mexican Blanco tequila made from agave, Tequila + Water is a crisp drink that is smooth start-to-finish.
  • Whiskey + Water: Mixed with a sweet, warm aged whiskey, Whiskey + Water tastes like the perfect last sip of whiskey on the rocks.

At 78 calories per 12oz serving, which the company claims is the lowest calorie count in the industry, each can of Bluebird Hardwater only contains two ingredients, stripping the carbonation, preservatives, sugars, fake flavours, and artificial sweeteners that typically accompany alcohol beverages.

“What began as a personal quest to find an alcoholic option that resonated with an active lifestyle has evolved into a brand new, clean solution for adults who want to imbibe without feeling weighed down by the extra bubbles, sugar, and additives that are associated with alcohol beverages,” said CEO and founder, Will Blum.

Partnering with an industry-leading network of distributors including the Anheuser Busch network in Florida and Empire in New York, Bluebird Hardwater will be available for sale at select liquor stores in both markets and online in 23 US states.

“After testing hundreds of recipes and consulting with suppliers, our goal became clear – deliver a high-grade, portable low-alc alternative to current market offerings,” said Blum. “Whether you’re at the beach, golf course, campsite or ski lodge, Bluebird Hardwater offers a better pour.”

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