TRIP canned CBD becomes UK’s fastest growing soft drinks brand

Image: TRIP

With its reported growth of 522% over the last 12 months, CBD company, TRIP, has become the fastest growing drinks brand in the UK.

The company has stated that cans are flying off the shelves across the country, both at TRIP warehouses and at major retail stockists including Waitrose, Harrods, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Ocado and Holland & Barrett as well as hospitality stockists such as Soho House worldwide.

Founder, Olivia Ferdi, described the year’s achievements as “a special milestone for us, showing how far TRIP have come in our mission to destigmatise conversations about mental wellbeing and rework misconceptions about CBD, helping millions prioritise their health.”

But why the sudden demand? Studies show that people are increasingly giving up drinking, and since most alcohol alternatives generally don’t have the same calming effect; TRIP can help people relax in a similar way, unwinding without hangover. In particular, Gen Z have made the big switch. In fact, among Generation Z – the most likely age group to be teetotal – one in two have now tried a CBD drink (Source: KAM Media and Drinkaware).

The other reason people are turning to TRIP, it says, is a renewed focus on mental health among the chaos of everyday life. Millions already find calm through the functionality of CBD drinks – a market which TRIP holds an 88% share – but to give extra support to the community at the most stressful time of the year, (Source: WIRED) TRIP has extended its partnership with the meditation app, Calm, due to popular demand.

TRIP has been a viral sensation, drawing in millions of fans, and attracting the most organic search traffic of any CBD Drinks brand globally (source: SEMRUSH).

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