UK food bank breaks world record

Image: Jane Russell/MK Citizen

MK Food Bank in Milton Keynes, UK, together with the general public, has achieved a Guinness World Record title for creating the longest ever line of food cans.

The world record attempt took place in the city’s Campbell Park. Around 100  businesses, 20 schools, 30 churches and faith groups, 50 community organisations and 25 charities from Milton Keynes were all involved.

Together people helped, stacked, counted and packed thousands of tins of food to form the line. An additional 11,000 cans were funded by the general public to boost MK Food Bank’s stocks.

Overall, there were 102,447 cans laid out. MK Food Bank said that all the cans would help “see us through the winter.”

The previous record for a continuous line of food cans was set in 2014, at 44,966.


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