Industrial Physics makes new appointment

Michael Jacobsen. Image: Industrial Physics

 Global packaging, product and material test and measurement provider, Industrial Physics, has appointed Michael Jacobsen to the position of vice president of global operations and supply chain.

Jacobsen, who has been working with the company for several months, brings significant experience in quality and development within regulated sectors and will provide over twenty years’ worth of experience to the team.

The news follows a series of announcements from Industrial Physics in the latter half of 2023, notably the appointments of the new CEO and CCO. Michael’s introduction to the business further illustrates the moves being made to support the consolidation of the global brand’s proposition and an ambitious growth strategy.

As vice president of global operations and supply chain, Jacobsen will be responsible for evaluating and honing the global strategy with a particular focus on quality, delivery and manufacturing efficiency.

Before joining Industrial Physics, Jacobsen served time as Brewmaster and filling line manager at Carlsberg, and went on to hold multiple senior positions in companies operating within regulated industries, including at Danaher Corporation and Spectris. He has a strong background in supply chain and delivery transformation, with quality a clear focus.

On his new role, Michael Jacobsen shared: “The opportunity to join Industrial Physics stood out to me because I am ultimately driven by purpose. At Industrial Physics, the business’ purpose is to protect the integrity of its customer’s brands and products. This is more important than ever in the current packaging landscape with the sheer level of innovation and untrodden territory. I am incredibly proud to have joined Industrial Physics to support these efforts and ensure the quality and safety of the packaging industry.”

Jacobsen continued: “My first weeks in the company have already been a great introduction to the level of expertise and untapped potential that we will be using to accelerate towards our growth objectives in the upcoming months. One of my greatest responsibilities will be ensuring that as a business, we are continuously improving the quality we deliver to our customers.”

Commenting on Jacobsen’s arrival, Barry Lyon, CEO at Industrial Physics added: “Michael is a fantastic addition to our team at Industrial Physics. Since his arrival, he has already visited and rolled up his sleeves at each of our manufacturing sites around the globe. He has been and is working with our operations and supply chain teams to support our growth objectives for this year. Michael’s responsibilities will ensure that every step we take as a business is rooted in quality, and how best we can support our customers.”

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