Veer steps down from The Box

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After more than 25 years as owner and director of promotional tin provider, The Box, in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, Tony Veer will be departing the company on 1 April 2024. In 2022, after the company became part of packaging specialist Dimensio, Veer stayed on as managing director of The Box.

Starting in April, Veer’s time at The Box will give way to, as he himself puts it, “new adventures,” both in a business and personal sense. “Together with my beloved, I wish to travel a bit more. After 25 years of entrepreneurship, I have many holidays to spare! Furthermore, we have plans to start a new business together. How great would it be if we could start a whole new ‘business’ together? 

“Of course, it will be impossible to completely turn my back on The Box, which will certainly not happen. I felt it was important to positively guide the people and the company into the future. I believe I have achieved this. It goes without saying, I’d like to maintain contact with everyone, both personally and professionally. I would particularly like to thank my team, but also business partners and of course all customers of The Box for the many years of pleasant partnership,” he said. 

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  1. Ulrich says:

    Hi Tony,
    all the best wishes on your new roads into new adventures !

    Best regards, Ulrich & Claudia, the geckos

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